BioDOptix® is a dehydrated, extracellular membrane allograft derived from human amniotic tissue for use as a scaffold for ocular repair.


Product Features

  • Circular or rectangular sizes for optimal fit - product can be easily trimmed to size in dehydrated state
  • Dehydrated using our patent-pending DryFlex® processing technology.
  • Ambient temperature storage: terminally sterilized with a 5-year shelf life
  • Convenient for use in inpatient, outpatient, or clinic settings
  • Tissue recovered from pre-screened healthy, living donors during cesarean childbirth
  • Donor selection, tissue recovery and processing protocols exceed all tissue banking standards to ensure patient safety
Product ID Size
OX-010152 1.5 x 2.0 cm2
OX-010203 2.0 x 3.0 cm2
OX-010009 9.0mm disc
OX-010012 12.0mm disc
OX-010015 15.0mm disc