BioD at a Glance

BioD, LLC, is a vertically integrated biotechnology company engaged in the development and commercialization of novel biologic products derived from the placental tissues. Our research and development efforts are focused on the regenerative potential of amnion and the other placental tissues given their unique biologic structure, their rich source of undifferentiated stem cells, and the unique immune privilege that characterizes their function in the body. From the recovery of tissue from live, healthy donors during childbirth to the development of new products that improve patient outcomes, BioD is unlocking the regenerative potential of the human body.

Our Focus:

Advancing Regenerative Medicine:
We are committed to developing innovative solutions that enhance clinical outcomes while reducing the overall cost of healthcare. In addition to our current product offering, we have a robust development pipeline and are focused on developing the next generation of products derived from the placental tissues. We have over 25 patents applications filed with respect to our novel products, our proprietary processing techniques and the clinical use of our products as we seek to become the industry leader in this market segment.

Enhancing Life Through Birth:
Through the development of innovative processing techniques that minimally manipulate the tissue, we are harnessing the unique biologic properties of the placental tissues to improve clinical outcomes.

Unsurpassed Safety and Quality:
Our paramount commitment is to the safety and quality of our products. From aseptic recovery of the tissue at childbirth to timely processing of our allografts, our protocols and procedures have been developed to meet or exceed all applicable industry standards for the use of human cellular and tissue-based products.